And I’M BACK! Back on U.S. soil, back in the land of easy accessible technology, and back on top of this blogging thing...I hope.

I’ve been through a lot these last eight months. Experiences I still don’t think I have fully absorbed, and that I hope will continue to impact me for a long time to come. I've collected countless stories and memories that I don’t want to let go of. So I am going to share; put them down in ink so they don’t fade away...so they are real. This is me grasping onto a chapter that I don’t want to admit is closing. A journey that has changed me in ways that are yet to be revealed, even to myself.

I am going to attempt to remember it all and reflect through this journal. Originally I thought I would diligently narrate my journey as I went, in clean chronological order, full of details that painted the perfect picture of what exactly I was up to. Clearly that didn’t happen. Life took over. Challenges popped up. So instead I’m going to just let it flow now. Out of order, fluid, a little random. Basically what’s going on upstairs in my messy mind all the time.