Is there an “I left my heart in New Zealand” shirt? Because there needs to be one! The magic of New Zealand really hit me on our drive from Auckland to Thames. The scenery was magic. The countryside was a series of rolling hills spotted with hundreds of cow & sheep. If you know me well, you should not be surprised that I could not contain my excitement. Jessica and I were squealing “holy cow!” & “oh sheep!” around each corner.

The contrast between the quaint landscape, and the Kiwis’ wild way of driving is something to experience. The major highways connecting the towns and cities of New Zealand are narrow, winding, two lane roads- posting speed limits of 100 km/hour. Bridges are often just one lane, with a small sign advising you to yield, or “give way” to oncoming cars. There are cheeky traffic signs around every bend telling you to slow down in a way completely unique to New Zealand. You’re never quite sure if the sign is referring to driving, or some bigger life lesson.

“other people make mistakes, slow down”

“think about what’s ahead of you”

“don’t drink and drive. C.U.Soon”

“pay attention, wandering minds cause crashes”

“control your pace, enjoy the ride”

The country landscape is so peaceful and calming, but the drivers are extreme- and will keep you on edge. Luckily there are pull off points every few miles to allow for eager drivers to pass you!