So much build up and anticipation over the past year, and here it is! My departure date has finally arrived. My mind has been racing all over the place. I have been dealing with irrational thoughts of all the worst-case scenarios I could encounter over coming months, however am confident in knowing I have carefully selected this path. I am terrified of this journey, however excited to dive into the unknown! I am sad to say goodbye to family and friends, however so happy and excited to be leaving feeling all of the encouragement and support from loved ones. Too many emotions for this as usual I just put off dealing with them until the last possible moment. Kristin dropped me off at the airport, and after a teary goodbye and some words of enthusiasm and encouragement, I was off!

Reuniting with my travel buddy, soon-to-be partner-in-crime, Jessica, was another source of uncertainty and anxiety. Jess and I haven't seen each other since college! We have been planning this whole crazy endeavor via texts, emails, and phone calls for the past nine months- and were meeting at the airport just hours before the big departure! I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief the moment we met up. It was like we hadn't missed a beat. And it was comforting to finally be around someone who was experiencing the same mix of emotions I had been going through the past few months. Despite our individual doubts and fears- we were able to tell each other that not only were we going to be OKAY... but the next year was going to be nothing less of spectacular!