LAX to Tahiti! We didn't plan our Tahiti layover very strategically- leaving us only a quick overnight stay on the island, with no opportunity to explore. We arrived around 10:30pm, and were greeted with a lovely ukulele band. Once through security we quickly realized that the airport terminal we had planned on sleeping off our layover in, was an outdoor one. This fact made it hard to ignore the airplane announcements and signs alerting travelers of the dengue fever outbreak-carried and spread by mosquitoes. First of many detours so far in this adventure! After deciding coming down with an exotic disease on night one was not a risk we wanted to take, we sought after indoor shelter for the night. We ended up spotting a motel just up a hill across from the airport- so trucked it up there. It was good for a few hours of sleep and a warm shower in the morning! We left just after sunrise for our next leg...Tahiti to Auckland!